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About The Spacio Clinic

The Spacio Clinic Story

“Here at The Spacio Clinic, we believe your skin is 90% of your selfie – a healthy complexion reflects your total wellness both inside and out. We strongly trust that the first step to beautiful skin is to utilize the right products that work with your skin. The second step is to enhance the optimal potential of your skin. Simultaneously focused towards the inception of the latest scientific technology, the doctors at The Spacio Clinic continually research the latest industry developments to determine the treatments and products that would be most beneficial to our patients to help seek a more beautiful you. As an offspring of Spacio Beauty, The Spacio Clinic is dedicated to maintaining this same single-minded focus to deliver the best quality aesthetic procedures and medi-spa therapies to our clients.”

Our Doctor

Dr Gerald Tan graduated in 1993 with the double degree of M.B.B.S. from the prestigious National University of Singapore. He is a MOH accredited Family Physician with special interest in Regenerative Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine. His expertise include Viscosupplementation for Osteoarthritic joints. He has been treating osteoarthritis knees with gel injections for the past ten years and is proficient in this procedure. He is also a trainer for this procedure, teaching other doctors the finer points of this treatment.

In the area of Aesthetic Medicine, he has over 10 year’s experience (since 2007) with the use of ‘botox’ and filler injections and various thread lift procedures. His expertise also covers various Laser treatments for both face pigmentation, scars, pores, acne and body sculpting. Dr Gerald Tan is an all-rounded doctor who loves to pay attention to the needs of his patients.


“The Spacio Clinic isn’t a business. The Spacio Clinic isn’t just one of the most comprehensive aesthetic & plastic surgery clinic in Singapore as well. Founded by Ivy Gao, who had also founded Spacio Beauty in 2007, Ivy believes that everyone can age gracefully and be what they want to be. The Spacio Clinic is the second generation evolution of Spacio Beauty, symbolising the complete circle in beauty. Catering to the best of both wolds: non-invasive cosmetic dermatology as well as medispa treatments. This combination can help you achieve the perfection you desire by serving all your beauty needs.”

Our Values and Beliefs

“Our belief is reflected in the quality of our treatments and our exclusive products catered to several skin types. We make it easy for you to get the skin you want by combining the latest technological advances in aesthetics with our range of skin care products to help you attain flawless, porcelain skin. Because you can be beautiful, you will be beautiful.”