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Filler Treatments

Filler for Dark Eye Circles

Are you having dark undereye circles or eyebags, tear troughs or sunken eyes?

Tear troughs are often caused by sunkenness under the eyes, creating lines that may look like eye bags or dark circles. This is easily reversed with a non-surgical procedure – a simple injection with a very soft filler under the eye areas to restore and rejuvenate the undereye areas.* Eyes can also look sunken on the upper eyelids, making a person look haggard and older.

If you happen to suffer from dark eye circles at the same time, which commonly happens to people who have sunken undereyes, the treatment also improves the appearance and reduce the extent of dark eye circles. It also helps to reduce fine lines under the eyes – for better reduction, combination with Botox treatment is often recommended.

Filler for Nose

People seek nose jobs for various reasons both aesthetic and functional, from getting rid of the bump on their nose or straightening it to looking to correct breathing problems.

A minimally invasive procedure that involves injecting fillers into the nose to alter its shape, the nostrils or bridge height. It can also be used to modify the tip of the nose.

Filler for Chin

During the ageing process, the skull rotates and the chin moves backwards. This skull movement leads to bone and soft tissue in the chin area dissolving, resulting in reduced structural support in the lower face.

Dermal filler can replace this structural support and change the contours of your chin. It can make your chin appear more prominent or increase its definition.

Filler for Cheeks

Cheek fillers were designed to add volume to the cheeks. As the face ages, there is often facial volume loss. Gravity will cause the face to sag, making the face look much older.

Cheek fillers can be injected into the cheek area to restore not only volume, but to create a youthfulness that was once there. Cheek fillers offer a non-invasive way to gain back youthfulness and lift the facial area.

Filler for Lips

Collagen or Hyaluronic Acid (HA) based filler which is injected into the lip, to increase volume and size. Collagen works purely by plumping the lip whilst the hyaluronic acid fillers work by not only plumping the lip directly but also trapping water within lips for a natural, plump pout.

Filler for Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds are the indentation lines located on either side of the mouth. They become more prominent when people smile. The folds, which are made of dense bundles of fibrous tissue and muscles, tend to become more prominent with age.

Dermal fillers can be applied just under the skin in the nasolabial fold area or the upper cheek area to give the cheeks a lift, making the nasolabial folds less noticeable.